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British Berries Nursery

Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Our educators are hired in compliance with the Ministry of Social Affairs requirements and qualifications as a base minimum. When hiring educators we take a variety of traits into consideration such as educational background, experience, dedication to the profession and willingness to participate in the mission, vision and values of the school. We believe that a unique aspect of British Berries Nursery is the strength and commitment of the educational professionals who choose to work at the school. In order to support educators at British Berries Nursery in their continuing evolution as professionals, we make a strong commitment to ongoing professional development for all of our staff, professional development that exceeds the minimum requirements of EYFS. 

Facilities & Classrooms

All areas at British Berries have been designed especially to make the premise a child friendly environment. All the classrooms have been especially themed and build with eye pleasing colors to create a fun filled carnival type of environment. And each class is equipped with activities on wall, table and carpet areas, as well. Each and every class and play areas is covered with CCTV for the admin office to manage the nursery children better.

At British Berries there is an indoor play Berry Kid’s Town with European Building facades, music center and a Berry Science discovery room for children to explore more in science. 

Out Door Play Areas:

• Castle Park        • Train Station         • Traffic zone       • Pirate Ship Sand Play                          

• Berries Sports Court       • Berries Athletics Stadium     • Swimming pool

• Discovery Garden        • Berries Animal Care.

Outings & Field Trips

Field trips provide unique opportunities for learning and are scheduled frequently. Generally, field trips are taken with small groups of children to strengthen and deepen both the experience and the relationships among participants. These trips may include walks in the neighborhood, trips to parks and other natural areas, visits to nearby restaurants and Hypermarkets, and outings to various sites around the City such as Zoo, Kidzania ,etc.

Children are supervised closely and accounted for at all times during field trips. Classroom educators communicate with families regarding details of upcoming trips. A permission slip must be signed by a parent for children to participate.